About PuntoMio:

PuntoMio was founded in May 2008 by experts, with over 50 years of combined experience in Latin America and now the Caribbean, in the field of international customs and logistics. Headquartered in Florida, near the Miami International Airport, also known as the Gateway to the Americas, PuntoMio is perfectly situated to provide our customers with the fastest and most efficient delivery of their U.S. purchases anywhere.

Brands 2 You are delighted to announce to all PuntoMio customers that we have come to an agreement with Puntomio whereby all purchases made from this website over £ 50.00  would qualify for a FREE delivery to your virtual address in Miami, USA.

When you check out kindly put your full PuntoMio address in Miami as you would normally do if you were shopping in the USA. Kindly see below for reference. 

John Smith
Suite BR1001
7701 NW 15th Street
Miami, FL 33106

For more information kindly either contact Brands 2 You through our contact us page or your normal PUNTOMIO agent.